About Me

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                Young aspiring global citizen made in Morocco. I am part corporate part bohemian, part dreamer part business oriented. I have over eight years experience in corporate Sales & Marketing. I recently shifted my interest towards digital marketing, and launched the blog. I am passionate about design, designers and beautiful things and experiences . I like to believe that I have a free wandering spirit, that always craves travel and adventures.


What to expect?


All the aspects of my life.

  • Fashion: Lots of outfits, I love bohemian and minimalist fashion mostly. My style is a mix of affordable brands, luxury designers and thrifts.
  • Lifestyle: Home decor, tips, digital marketing, diaries, surf, yoga, healthy, wishlists, books, experiences…
  • Travel: follow me around, city guides, hotels and restaurant reviews…

Why I launched the blog?


I had two goals in mind when I started blogging:

  • My personal ambition is to share my lifestyle and perspective and build a community of like-minded people all around the world. I really believe in the growth dynamic of human interactions. All that I am now is hugely due to the people I met and grew up with.
  • My professional ambition is to better understand the digital world via the blog and eventually become a digital nomad.

I love and appreciate any comments and submissions and read all of them! Thank you so much for stopping by!


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